8/13 Gold nears $1,300/oz. as safe-haven assets find favor

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  • Gold closed at a two-month high today, settling just $6 shy of $1,300/oz., as tensions between the U.S. and North Korea sparked demand for safe-haven assets.
  • Gold recently has attracted some high profile advocates such as Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates, who urged investors to hedge their risks with gold amid growing global tensions.
  • Capital Economics says gold is a preferable hedge against geopolitical events that directly involve the U.S. but the metal's recent gains could quickly reverse; “If [the tension] appears to be a lot of hot air, we expect gold prices to fall back quite quickly,” says Capital chief commodities economist Caroline Bain.
  • Precious metals miners rose during the past three days as other stock sectors fell: ABX+3.2%, FNV +6.8%, NEM +2.2%, GG +3.6%, AEM +3.6%, EGO +5.2%, IAG +3%.